Käsidush Grohe New Tempesta 100, 3jet

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Käsidush Grohe New Tempesta 100

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New Tempesta — 100 hand shower with three spray patterns

Soothe your body and soul with this GROHE New Tempesta 100 hand shower. Coming with a choice of three spray patterns, it will pamper you with the soft Rain spray, the wide, air-infused Rain O², or the revitalizing Massage spray. The GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures an even flow from all nozzles. Thanks to our SpeedClean anti-lime system, a gentle wipe is all it takes to remove any limescale residue. Finished with the hard-wearing GROHE StarLight chrome coating, the hand shower is super easy to clean and comes with a beautiful luster that is highly durable and will add instant new appeal to your bathroom. The ShockProof silicone ring protects the hand shower from damage if dropped.

ShockProof silicone ring protects the shower head

GROHE shower heads combine intelligent technologies in their interior and smart convenient features in their exterior. Like GROHE ShockProof, consisting of a silicone ring fitted around your shower head to protect it from damage if you should happen to drop it.

Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight® chrome coating

Just wipe the tap down with a dry cloth - the ultra smooth surface finish is scratch resistant and ensures a lasting luminous sheen. You'll save plenty of time cleaning while your tap always looks shiny and new.

SpeedClean – no limescale build-up on your shower head

Limescale is a no longer an issue with our SpeedClean nozzles: thanks to the integrated anti-lime system, you will find the nozzles of your GROHE shower head super easy to clean. To remove any limescale residue from the flexible silicone nozzles, simply wipe them off with your hand.

Massage spray for a relaxing head and neck massage

For a revitalizing massage, choose the massage spray setting on your shower head. The pulsating water flow provides a gentle massage for your head and neck. Treat yourself to an invigorating start to the day or a relaxing massage shower before you go to bed, washing away any tension and stress.

Chrome coating protected by InnerWater Guide

A strong insulation of the water guide inside the hand shower prevents its surface from heating up, so it will never be too hot for you to touch. At the same time, this serves to protect the chrome finish of your GROHE shower, further enhancing its great durability.

GROHE Rain O2 Spray – wonderfully soft and soothing

Indulge in a luxurious shower with the GROHE Rain O2 Spray pattern. Air is drawn into the spray face to mix with the water for a softer and wider spray – a uniquely relaxing sensation for your body and soul.

Rain Spray – like summer rain on your skin

Enjoy the relaxing Rain Spray sensation on your skin. This soft and delicate spray pattern reminiscent of warm summer rain will soothe your body and mind, washing away any tension and stress.

GROHE DreamSpray® for luxurious showering

The GROHE DreamSpray® technology turns your daily shower into a luxuriously relaxing experience. The advanced engineering of the shower head ensures a balanced flow of water from all nozzles, whatever spray pattern you choose.

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