Köögisegisti Grohe K7 Pure, joogiveefiltriga

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Köögisegisti Grohe K7 Pure, joogiveefiltriga


Ainulaadse filtritehnoloogia GROHE Blue® abil muudetakse tavaline kraanivesi värskeks veeks, kõrvaldades ained mis võiksid maitset rikkuda.



GROHE Blue Pure — kitchen tap – clean design and integrated water filter

Dragging around heavy bottles of water is a thing of the past with this GROHE Blue K7 Pure kitchen tap that allows you to draw fresh table water straight from your tap. At a light turn of the left handle, the GROHE Blue filter is activated and will remove undesirable substances like chlorine and lime from the water. Using filtered water has a very positive impact on home appliances like coffee machines. Naturally, this tap also incorporates all the functionalities of a conventional sink mixer. Crafted with a high 140° swivel spout, it will make light work of your daily kitchen tasks. The GROHE SilkMove technology allows for a smooth and effortless volume control. Finished with the hard-wearing GROHE StarLight chrome coating, the tap comes with a stunning, durable sheen.

GROHE SilkMove® cartridge technology for smooth handling

This premium tap comes with a continuously variable water temperature and volume adjustment technology, ensuring effortless lever operation even after years of use.

Swivel range 180°: extra smooth movement without collisions 

GROHE Blue Duo tap – normal tap water and fresh table water from a single tap

The GROHE Blue Duo tap delivers both ordinary tap water and pure filtered water with a great fresh taste. Replacing your regular tap with this innovative and efficient model will be super easy and hassle-free. Its high spout is perfect for filling tall carafes.

 GROHE Blue – pure lime-free water with a fresh taste

GROHE Blue turns ordinary tap water into a pure, soft table water that is perfectly safe to drink and has a wonderful taste optimized by the smart filter technology. GROHE Blue water not only tastes great by itself – you will also notice that it gives your tea and coffee a richer and more refined flavor. With lime filtered out of the water, it is ideal for home appliances like kettles, egg cookers, coffee machines and irons.

 The GROHE Blue filter safely removes undesirable substances that could cause odor or affect the taste of your water

With its 5-phase filter technology, the GROHE Blue filter purifies your tap water, giving it a fresh refined taste. As water passes through the filter, undesirable substances such as chlorine that could cause odor or affect its taste are removed. The fine particulate filter retains even the tiniest particles, leaving nothing but pure water with a great fresh taste. The filter also extracts heavy metals and reduces the lime content of the water significantly. Changing the water filter is quick and hassle-free, ensuring a reliable supply of fresh, lime-free water straight from your tap.

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