Peitsegisti paneel Grohe Grohtherm Cube, 2 väljundit

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Peitsegisti paneel Grohe Grohtherm Cube, 2 väljundit

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Grohtherm Cube — wall-mounted trim: sharp design and excellent functional performance

These lustrous controls blend in perfectly with the GROHE Eurocube range. The cubic handles provide excellent control and superb ergonomics, allowing you to adjust water temperature and volume with ease. The AquaDimmer Eco diverts the water flow smoothly from bath inlet to shower or head to hand shower. The SafeStop button protects your skin from scalding by preventing accidental temperature increases, while the EcoButton can be activated to limit the water consumption of the shower. With the GROHE QuickFix system, you will have the fittings installed in the blink of an eye. If you love a sharp, clear-cut design, choose this thermostat to add a fresh appeal to your bathroom. Please note that these wall-mounted fittings must be installed in combination with the GROHE Rapido T concealed thermostat (35500000). Engineered with the GROHE TurboStat technology, it delivers the selected water temperature in a fraction of a second and maintains it reliably.

Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight® chrome coating

Just wipe the tap down with a dry cloth - the ultra smooth surface finish is scratch resistant and ensures a lasting luminous sheen. You'll save plenty of time cleaning while your tap always looks shiny and new.

AquaDimmer Eco: effortless volume control for shower and bath outlet with integrated water-saving function

The AquaDimmer Eco provides an integrated diverter for you to switch between bath spout and shower head while controlling the water volume. With the integrated EcoButton, you can reduce your water consumption on the shower outlet by up to 50%, thus saving precious natural resources without compromising on comfort.

SafeStop button for scalding protection

This safety feature is set at 38°C, preventing users – especially children – from turning up the temperature too high. You can easily adjust the SafeStop setting to temperatures over 38°C to suit your needs and preferences.

GROHE EasyLogic – clear markings on the tap body for easy handling  

The temperature markings are on the tap body rather than the knobs, so you can immediately see which way to turn for your desired temperature. Knobs and button are designed for easy and intuitive handling by the whole family.

GROHE EcoJoy® with water-saving function for reduced consumption

GROHE EcoJoy® reduces water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on performance. Whenever you turn on your tap, you will enjoy a full jet of water while saving money nonetheless.


GROHE QuickFix® – easy and rapid installation with concealed fixing

Thanks to the GROHE QuickFix® system, the installation of the wall escutcheon is significantly quicker than with conventional wall mounting systems using exposed screws. Attached my means of a simple snap-on mechanism, it fully covers the fixing, creating an immaculate, sleek look. A super convenient solution, and very aesthetic at that.

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