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Zedra Touch — kitchen tap: activated at a touch

This kitchen tap of the Zedra Touch range will stay clean even when your hands are not: thanks to the EasyTouch technology, a light touch with the back of your hand or wrist will activate and deactivate the water flow, never leaving a smudge on the radiant GROHE StarLight chrome finish. For your safety, the integrated scalding protection ensures that only cold water flows upon touch activation. The high spout with a 360° swivel range provides full flexibility when filling pots or washing dishes, and the pull-down shower head will further maximize your operating radius. Water temperature and volume of this single-lever mixer can be controlled smoothly and effortlessly thanks to the GROHE SilkMove technology.

Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight® chrome coating

Just wipe the tap down with a dry cloth - the ultra smooth surface finish is scratch resistant and ensures a lasting luminous sheen. You'll save plenty of time cleaning while your tap always looks shiny and new.

High spout for easy filling of large pots

Easy cleaning of big pots: with this high spout, your GROHE tap will master any challenge in the kitchen. GROHE products are perfectly suited to your needs and all the requirement of your home - for your ultimate comfort.


Top-mounted for easy installation

Quick and easy installation: coming with the necessary tools, this tap installs on your sink from above. All you need to do is mount and attach your new tap, and you'll be ready to go.


Touch-activated cold water flow for reliable scalding protection

A smart tap with touch technology that defaults to cold water flow to protect you and your children from scalding. Using a Grotherm Micro Set, you can even program the warm water flow. The thermostat also serves to prevent scalding.

EasyTouch technology: touch-operated tap

This tap is touch-sensitive: just one touch with the back of your hand, wrist or elbow will activate and deactivate the water flow, so you can wash any dirt, paint or other residue off your hands without soiling the tap. Convenient and hygienic: keeps your tap clean while letting you save time.

GROHE SilkMove® cartridge technology for smooth handling

This premium tap comes with a continuously variable water temperature and volume adjustment technology, ensuring effortless lever operation even after years of use.

Easy installation system with straightforward instructions

You'll have this tap mounted in the blink of an eye. The easy installation system comprises only a few parts and is very easy to use. Coming with flexible hoses and a clear set of instructions, you'll find the installation of your new tap is really simple.

Pull-down shower head with two different spray types

For a bigger operating radius, just pull out the shower head to fill pots or clean your basin and press the button to switch to the more powerful shower jet. When you turn off the tap, it will automatically switch back to the fine spray jet.

Swivel range 360°: extra smooth movement in all directions for easy handling

Full flexibility: extra smooth movement in all directions for easy handling (e.g. switching comfortably between two basins)

SpeedClean anti-lime system for quick and easy removal of limescale

With our SpeedClean anti-lime system, limescale deposits on your tap, professional spray or pull-down shower head will never be an issue. All spray heads are crafted with flexible silicone nozzles, requiring no more than a gentle wipe to remove any limescale residue. Featuring similar silicone nozzles, the spouts are just as easy to clean with one quick wipe. Your cleaning will be done in the blink of an eye, without any strenuous scrubbing.


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