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Dushisüsteem kielle Oudee 228, matt-must

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Product information

Black shower set with thermostatic mixer tap – unique and efficient

The modern home stands out with a range of practical yet visually interesting elements. The bathroom is no exception. You can opt for the kielle Oudee shower set with thermostatic mixer, for example, which will impress you with its rounded lines and black finish.

Beautiful practicality

The shower set consists of an overhead shower and hand shower (including shower hose), riser rail with adjustable holder and a thermostatic mixer. The individual elements are combined to maximise functionality and performance. The result is a timeless product that will not only provide you with a relaxing body care experience, but will also be visually pleasing. It will captivate you with its matte black finish and rounded lines.

Balance of overhead and hand shower

The advantage of the shower set is the sophisticated combination of the individual fittings. You will feel this especially in the case of the combination of the overhead and hand shower. The 228 mm diameter overhead shower makes you feel like you are walking through a rainforest thanks to the water spray. The hand shower (115 mm diameter) offers three spray modes. The massage jet is suitable for intense care of stiff muscles, the gentle spray gently pampers the body. The mixed sprayis ideal for a routine showering.

Precisely targeted care

The set also includes a shower riser rail with an adjustable holder, where you can place the hand shower and precisely direct the selected spray. You can easily adjust not only the height, but also the angle of the falling water drops. The hand shower is also equipped with a 1,500 mm long shower hose. It is made of high-quality, durable plastic and is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. The AntiTwist system is also an advantage, so the hose will naturally adapt to your movements.

Safe operation

Not only in a home with children or the elderly, safety and easy, intuitive operation are paramount. That's why this shower set is equipped with a thermostatic mixer that meets the demanding requirements not only for reliability but also for safety. You adjust the flow rate and water temperature separately via the swivel handles on the sides of the mixer, thus avoiding undesirable risks. At the same time, the safety stop must be released for temperatures above 38 °C. 

Shower set includes

wall mounted thermostatic mixer tap

  • diverter for switching between overhead and hand shower
  • pitch: 150 mm
  • safety stop at 38°C

overhead shower

  • diameter 228 mm
  • 1 spray mode

hand shower

  • diameter 115 mm
  • 3 spray modes - gentle, massage, mixed

shower riser rail

  • with adjustable hand shower holder

shower hose

  • length 1500 mm
  • made of durable plastic 
  • smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • AntiTwist system integrated in the shower hose cone
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