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Käsidush kielle Oudee 130, 3-jet

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Product information

Kielle Oudee designer hand shower with 3 unique spray modes

✔ unique SilkFlow spray for washing and relaxation
✔ EasyClick convenient selection of spray modes
✔ TouchClean function for easy cleaning of shower nozzles 
✔ ergonomic shape

The path to total body and mind relaxation leads in many directions. One of them is to use the elaborate care provided by hand showers. The kielle Oudee hand shower focuses not only on quality hygiene, but also on maximum relaxation.

Elegant and innovative design

The kielle Oudee hand shower will impress you at first sight with its original design. The rounded lines fit into every bathroom style. The shiny chrome is masterfully complemented by the dark lower part of the shower head, where you can see the ingenious arrangement of the nozzles to the effect of a blossoming flower. This shape not only creates a beautiful detail, but also enhances the effect of the individual jets.

Three spray modes for the ultimate experience

The kielle Oudee hand shower offers three spray modes that you can conveniently switch between with the control button. The operation is very intuitive and easy, so even smaller children and the elderly can comfortably switch between the different spray modes. Even with wet hands.   

The modern gentle spray makes your skin feel extremely pleasant and gives you a unique and luxurious showering experience. The uniqueness of this spray lies in the mixing of air with water drops. The result is full and rich microdroplets thatcover your body in a pleasant water mist. The spray is also much quieter than other showers, so you can enjoy the relaxation to the full.

Use the intense jet especially for relaxing tense and stiff muscles or for massaging your scalp. You can also use it to clean your shower enclosure. 

If you cannot choose between pleasant relaxation and intense massage, use the mixed spray. Thanks to it, you can enjoy the power of an intense jet, but also the pleasant water micro-droplets  of a gentle spray.

Easy maintenance = no limescale

Another advantage of the kielle Oudee hand shower is the easy cleaning function of the nozzles. The shower nozzles are equipped with special spouts from which limescale can simply be wiped off with your fingers or a cloth. The limescale doesn't stand a chance!

You can also purchase this hand shower in the complete kielle Oudee shower set.

Hand shower

  • diameter 130 mm
  • 3 spray modes - gentle SilkFlow, intense, mixed
  • EasyClick convenient selection of spray modes
  • colour: chrome / black
  • equipped with TouchClean function - limescale can be easily wiped off the nozzle surface
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