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Käsidush kielle Oudee 130, 3-jet, matt-must

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Product information

Hand shower – subtle elegance, 3 spray modes

✔ unique SilkFlow spray for washing and relaxation
✔ EasyClick convenient switching between spray modes
✔ TouchClean nozzle cleaning function 
✔ ergonomic shape

Showering is not only an effective way of washing your body, it is also one of the most popular relaxation techniques. To make your experience maximum it is advisable to opt for efficient shower equipment. One of the options is to choose the kielle Oudee hand shower, which stands out not only for its reliability but also for its timeless design.

Black elegance

An increasingly popular bathroom trend is the inclusion of sanitaryware in black. In the case of the kielle Oudee round hand shower, you get not only an elegant but also a practical helper. The modern look is emphasised by the lines, as well as by the design of the surface in matt black. The shower features a diameter of 130 mm, which in combination with the ingeniously positioned shower nozzles provides a pleasant all-round body care.

Three types of care

The hand shower offers three spray modes. The intense jet is suitable for relaxing stiff muscles or thoroughly rinsing shampoo from your hair. The gentle SilkFlow spray creates a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, where the gentle water spray sensitively awakens the nerve endings under your skin. For routine showering, you can use the mixed spray

Long-term reliability

The hand shower also keeps your comfort in mind in other ways. You'll appreciate the EasyClick switching between spray modes via a button on the shower handle. The shower is comfortable to hold and the balanced design makes showering a real pleasure. The TouchClean function for easy cleaning of the nozzles is also a plus. You can easily remove any limescale from the surface of the nozzles by simply wiping with your fingers or a damp cloth.

For a perfect look, the hand shower is best combined with a black shower hose. You can choose, for example, the kielle shower hose in a length of 1,500 mm.

Hand shower

  • diameter 130 mm
  • 3 spray modes - gentle SilkFlow spray, intense, mixed
  • EasyClick seamless transition between shower spray modes with a simple click of a button
  • colour - matte black
  • equipped with TouchClean function – lime build-up can be easily wiped off the surface
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